Crown Motors Ltd - CSR Fact Sheet
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is important to us at Inchcape. It reflects the way we run our business and it is reinforced by the Values of Inchcape. We, Crown Motors Ltd always aims to become a strong advocate in stepping up to improve the quality of our environment, our customers, employees, shareholders and the community.
Corporate Governance
Ø         Crown Motors Ltd operates in an organized and compliant manner with consistent and robust controls being applied.
Ø         A Group Subsidiary Governance Manual has been formulated setting out Inchcape’s policy and control procedures which forms an important element of the strong foundation of our Group in all aspects. All business units throughout the world are compliant with the Manual.
Ø        An internal audit is being conducted every year to ensure that each Inchcape business maintains an effective system of internal control over all aspects and in all areas.
Caring for our Environment
Ø         It is vital to increase individual awareness and involvement on environmental protection, we hold seminars and meetings to raise staff awareness of the need for environment friendly behavior in both their work activities and in their home lives. Staff are encouraged to perform the 3R principles of reduce, reuse and recycle and to recognize that environmental efforts are the responsibility of each individual rather than the exclusive responsibility of the management.
Ø        An environmental policy has been formulated to improve the quality of life for our employees and to ensure that our operations, business and activities are conducted in an environmental manner.  A Green Manager has been appointed to implement and promote corporate green culture within our business.
Ø         Inchcape, being a responsible corporation, monitors its Group Environmental Performance. We are now focusing on our Carbon Footprint and the specific steps that we can take to reduce our Carbon Footprint. Every business unit gathers, analyzes and submits to our London Head Office a solid database on their monthly energy consumption, transportation of commodities, business travel etc. with a view to understand, then improve the environmental impact of our operations throughout the world.  
Ø        We participate in the Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) Dealer Environmental Management System – a program to encourage all Dealers to comply with the DERAP (Dealer Environmental Risk Audit Program) requirements and to maintain their operations in environmental responses.
Ø        Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program – we participate in the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program run by Environmental Protection Department to collect waste HV Ni-MH batteries and other rechargeable batteries for recycling. 
Ø         Waste engine oil and used engine oil filters - we have organized waste engine oil and used engine oil filters to be collected by Environmental Protection Department’s licensed chemical waste collectors for proper disposal.
Ø        Chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) recovery – CFC collected during air-conditioning system repair is being recollected by Environmental Protection Department’s licensed chemical waste collectors for recovery.
Ø        The use of T8 electronic transformer for the lighting system - we have installed a total of 1,380 nos. energy saving transformers at our Central Parts Depot in Yuen Long which helps save approx. 8,000 kwh of electricity per month.
Ø        We apply sun block film on the shopfront window glasses to lower indoor temperature by 3°C and hence reduce the need of air-con supply at our service center where possible.
Ø        We avoid the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) printing materials to safeguard health and environment.
Ø        We support efforts that advance the understanding of global warming and combating climate change. Since 2009, Crown Motors Ltd has been participating in the yearly event - Earth Hour organized by WWF to demonstrate our continuous commitment to the environment and make everyone aware that environmental issues are everyone's responsibility.
Health and Safety
Ø        Safety Management System – To comply with the F&IU (Safety Management) Regulation, we have a Safety Management System in place for After Sales Division which contains 10 key process elements as stipulated in the Regulation, namely the Safety Policy, Organizational Structure, Safety Training, In-house Safety Rules, Inspection Program, Hazard Control Program, Accident/Incident Investigation, Emergency Preparedness, Evaluation, Selection & Control of Sub-contractor and Safety Committees. This system is being reviewed annually to ensure its efficiency, effectiveness and reliability.
Ø        Inchcape Half Yearly Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) Inspection – We conduct regular physical inspection of all facilities, work practices and arrangements for EH&S to ensure staff are provided with a safe, clean and pollution free environment.
Ø        There were zero staff fatalities and serious injuries in 2009 and 2010. The number of Employee Compensation cases for the year 2010 was 22.
Commitment to our Employees
Ø        Crown Motors Ltd celebrates and rewards the contribution of our people. Outstanding performers are being recognized and awarded through various recognition programmes such as Service Advisor Elite Award, Sales Elite Program Award, Gold Standard Award, Retail Centre Award and other performance recognition programs throughout the year.
Ø        We have safety policies and procedures in place for our employees and we organize appropriate training programmes and subsequent update seminars from time to time, such as fire safety training, new employee orientation, workshop safety and briefing on occupational safety and health etc.
Ø        Staff is encouraged to express their opinions and suggestions on new initiatives. We undergo the Heartbeat Survey programme which provides a platform to enable every single employee at Inchcape to have his/her say. The report serves as a leverage for us to understand how engaged our people are, and help us improve the levels of their engagement. 
Ø        Family members of staff are invited to take part in the events sponsored or organized by us, e.g. the Standard Chartered Marathon, and the Walk for Nature @ Mai Po Charity Walk 2010 organized by WWF etc.
Ø        At Inchcape, one of our values is “Respect for Each Other”. We believe that people with disabilities have the same right and ability to work like all of us. For over 20 years, we have been providing job opportunities to the social vulnerable group.
Commitment to our Customers
Ø        We pursue our goal of being the world’s most customer-centric automotive retailer. We listen to our customers and provide them with clear information and every assistance to meet with their need. We also share tips with the customers on how to drive in a more efficiently and cost effectively way.
Ø        To ensure service quality, Mystery Shopper Visits are being conducted on monthly basis.
Ø        Our Customer Experience Department (CED) monitors all listening posts within the Company to ensure that potential crises are being addressed as promptly as possible. 
Society and Community
Ø        Crown Motors Ltd has made contributions and shouldered social responsibilities through various channels such as sponsoring hybrid vehicles to Standard Chartered Marathon and raising fund for China Earthquake relief. During the year, Crown Motors Ltd encouraged all staff to participate in the fund-raising events organized by The Community Chest of Hong Kong, for instance, Dress Special Day in September 2010, The Community Chest Green Day in June 2010 and Love Teeth Day in December 2010 to raise fund for the underprivileged and needy.
Ø        We strive to improve the convenience of the disable to enjoy motoring on the road. Crown Motors Ltd has offered complimentary services to disabled drivers in applying for their first driving license and their renewal and applying for the exemption from first registration tax as well as modifying their vehicles to cater for their personal needs.






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